10-13-08 Grounds for the Baphomet- Clyde Lewis Ground Zero Lounge

(Warning: contains adult language) “This standing room only Ground Zero Lounge features Freeman from the Freeman Perspective and Rex Church from the church of Satan giving us the true meaning of Columbus day and the coded numeric meanings of the Baphomet, the Templars, the cornerstones…

Expansions.com http Stewart A. Swerdlow talks about Montauk, vortexes, time travel, mind control, the Illuminati, and much more, while host Clyde Lewis takes calls from listeners.

18 thoughts on “10-13-08 Grounds for the Baphomet- Clyde Lewis Ground Zero Lounge

  1. Honestly, I’m here to listen to what Stewart Swerdlow has to say not the interviewer! Yet, much appreciated this upload. Thank you.

  2. Vishnu?? God of Death?? In what tradition? I thought Vishnu was the Sustainer – the one who incarnates regularly to save humanity and restore balance in the cosmos…

  3. k i like what your doing but man let your guest talk dude ya tonight with stewart swerdlow when does the guy ever speak

  4. the beginning from intro from DrWho!!! LOL!!! With the phobe call. That episode was kinda based on these Aliens everywhere that make u forget. The president was Nixon I’m 95% sure. Its such a goo
    d episode it was season premier.

  5. I even guessed this that on 21st Dec 2012 this will be the date they will bring in the New World Order, also whats strange Ive just thought is it will be 2013 next year and 13 is an important number to the Illuminati. What do u think on this Stewart?

  6. Gosh, I think I’m going to go buy a samurai sword. I’m so tried of hearing about all of this honestly. I wish we’d stop making predictions. We don’t want any of this crap to happen. Time will tell. Time will tell. We signed up for this crap, so just live and let it happen.

  7. I’ve listened to Stewart on Edge TV and he got to talk for at least an hour. I think he didn’t get even ten minutes to talk on here. This was very disappointing.

  8. Hi Stewart

    In October 1847, in the city of Ocotlan, Jalisco, there was an earthquake…and after that, the people in the village saw the image of a crucifiction…
    Do you think that this was Blue Bleam Project?


  9. @stewartswerdlow Thank you for this video. Could it be said that hollywood has been giving hints about the secret stuff ?

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