Avoiding Zombie Attacks with Social Psychology

Avoiding Zombie Attacks with Social Psychology
You’re approaching a zombie hoard with a group of several other brain-intact companions, and you need to figure out the best way to run past them. Where should you turn? First, perhaps you should turn to social psychology. There is an infamous parable, …
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‘The Walking Dead’ Fan Allegedly Kills Friend Before ‘Zombie Attack
Perry says he defended himself against what he thought was a zombie attack. Police say he punched and kicked his friend until he was unconscious. There is also evidence that he beat him with an electric guitar and a microwave, then stabbed him. Perry …
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Report: Boston most likely to survive zombie apocalypse (Interactive map)
… equipped – to survive a completely hypothetical night (or day) of the living dead. Boston came out as the No. 1 city most likely to survive a zombie attack because it’s got the “right skills, population density and industry resources.” The city is …
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