Black Ops Zombies: Entire Storyline Decrypted – The Zombie Timeline (Part 1)

Be sure to like the hell out the video and subscribe Its free and updates you when the next video is out! Twitter: Massive credit to & CoD Wiki! This is going to be the first in a long series of videos explaining the ENTIRE storyline ­čśÇ This part is about the timeline of every event in zombies!! Credit to BlindBusDrivr from CoDz!

24 thoughts on “Black Ops Zombies: Entire Storyline Decrypted – The Zombie Timeline (Part 1)

  1. so´╗┐ your saying maxis is alive when they travel to moon despite hearing on a radio that richtofen teleports him turning him into a ghost that can only communicate through electrical stuff

  2. NOT even, becausE of earths gravity it wiLl not Blow OFf area 51 and MayBe a misSile stranDeD on or near area´╗┐ 5! as you can see oN nuketown zombies. FinallY you can SEe LavA on blaCk ops 2 on The maps that means that maybe the missileS were reaLly meAnt to desTRoy the plAce wERE They landed to dEsTroy the zombiEs mosT Of them

  3. When Docter Rictofen found the 115 in the meteor a part of the 115 was in a world war 2 plane being transported to´╗┐ rictofen along with 4 test subjects that were world war 2 war prisioners but the plane crashes on a old world war 2 battlefield with dead german bodies buried.But the 115 is exposed bringing the dead nazis back to life

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