Breaking News Real Zombies 2012 CNN

Breaking News Real Zombies 2012 CNN. The Zombie Apocalypse has began. It’s time to Nut Up or Shut. Also remember Rule #37 Enjoi the Little things. Thought with all the zombie hysteria going on I would have some fun. Also learning adobe after effects so more shenanigans to come…. Note: Yes this is clip is from “Diary of the Dead a 2007 American/Canadian horror film by George A. Romero”

23 thoughts on “Breaking News Real Zombies 2012 CNN

  1. ok a little clarification.. if you werent paying attention which im going to assume you didnt in the video their covering a RECENT event in which they RECENTLY died and furthermore in most zombie movies you see when you blast a zombie you can bet theres gonna be a ton of blood spilling from their rotting corpses always been like that no exception from any zombie movie ive seen unless ofcourse their corpses are month old rotten to dirt

  2. hes says that because why would the news make a prank and he is lying hes saying that because so we wont be scared and besides i seen on tv

  3. we would be dead by now people zombies not real cus the dead people dont have so much blood on then and there skin normly

  4. LOL for those who think this is real you really think cnn would go live with such a shitty camera in 2012??? omfg some people I’ll admit the acting and graphics are good but no sir just no lol

  5. and no its not what u said u said its of the walking dead. idk maybe u mistyped sorry if u mistyped and i said shit. i dont even care anymore im sick of ur shit dont u fuckin call me a “dumbasswipe” thats not even a word. u dont make sense

  6. wtf man im just saying dont u fuckin trash my fav show.where the hell did you get that i worship satan or that im the devil?? thats fucking stupid. go back to kindergarten.

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