Can You Stand Living In The Wilderness Alone?

Are you willing to leave the things behind and just to live alone in the wilderness?

dick proenneke

This guy could definitely stand living alone in the wilderness since 1968. He is Dick Proenneke.
building his own house
He left the civilization in exchange of living in a pristine land in a remote valley in Twin Lakes.

To those who plan to follow his footstep, here are the common tools that you must have:

  1. Saw, you can have this modern type of saw. Easy to carry around.
  2. Hammer, make 2-in-1 can be use as hook. Useful isn’t it?
  3. Chisel, get a 6 pack quality steel.
  4. Knife, you can have a set of knife for different uses.
  5. Wood carver, you can use it for carving
  6. Pick mattock, for digging and chopping.
  7. Multi-Tool, have this many purposes.
  8. Survival Kit, being prepared for Zombie Apocalypse.

The recorded his activity using a tripod mounted camera. Well, I bet you’ll be interested knowing about his daily activity.

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