25 thoughts on “Coast 2 Coast feat. Discovery – Home (original mix)

  1. as good as maria nayler angry skies loving it lots just wish i had a belly full of x t c being all loved up to these banging tunes fuck dubstep please bring the classics back and ppl get of the k and meth e’s the only true drug for us humans say no to nwo’s crap make love not war

  2. Yes there is, being in Prague surrounded by hot Eastern European women on a July hot summer night…

  3. theres nothing like hearing this in a live mix…and your @ the club…….in a beautiful city in Norway ,with beautiful norwegian females all around ..cold beer …. hot women . Vakre kvinner….everywhere !!!

  4. Hun nor a Utrolig stemme!!!! Dette er Himmelen !!!! she has an amazing voice..this is heaven…this track is …SICK .

  5. I wish there was more anthems such as fly away by the thrillseekers,moonman by galaxia, or open your eyes by insignia and of course home ….to bad whack hip hop dominates the radio over here ugh.. trance foreverrrrrrr

  6. “..I feel those days so close to me
    Pulling me home
    When I will hold you so near to me again
    I’m coming home.”

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