Coast To Coast AM Daily January 1st 2013 – Predictions Special 2013

Predictions Special 2013 In the second hour, psychic Joe Jacobs offered his predictions for the new year. Click Here to Skip: 0:38:10 In the last hour, astrologer Linda Schurman presented her predictions for the economy, weather, and politics. Click Here to Skip: 1:54:54 Date: 01-01-13 Host: George Noory Guests: Joseph Jacobs, Gerald Celente, John Hogue, Linda Schurman Coast to Coast AM kicked off the New Year with our traditional look at the year ahead with four different types of prognosticators, appearing in separate one-hour segments. Up first, trends analyst Gerald Celente was critical of the ‘fiscal cliff’ debacle and predicted we’d see “more of the same, but worse” for 2013. America has been sold out on every level with NAFTA, and the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, he argued, and the mantra of “too big to fail” is not capitalism but fascism. The American people have been shut out of competing as an entrepreneurial society, and we have to start over again, he said. Celente noted that the Millennial generation is trying to course correct, moving into neglected city areas, with a buy-local, make-local mindset. One trend for 2013 he called “New Millennium Education.” This represents a great opportunity for educators to develop teaching methods for the younger generation who’ve grown up in the digital age, he explained. In the second hour, psychic Joe Jacobs offered his predictions for the new year and shared his intuitive process. Worldwide, January and October are
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NO GAS on the Kimberley coast! The protest against the proposed James Price Gas Point Project in The Kimberley. The Letter John Butler delivered to Peter Coleman: Dear Mr Coleman The Kimberley is too precious to plunder Welcome to your new job as CEO of Woodside. You join as your company and its joint venture partners are pioneering the industrialisation of the Kimberley, one of the World’s last great wildernesses. Woodside, Chevron, BP, Shell and BHP are collaborating on a massive development to processes petroleum gas on the Kimberley coast that will put at threat an ecosystem of global importance. This cannot be allowed to happen. The Kimberley coast is one of the most undisturbed regions on Earth, with the low level of human impact on its waters comparable to only the Arctic and Antarctic oceans. Its ancient lands give refuge to many threatened species, with parts of the Kimberley having had no mammal extinctions since European settlement. It has an intact landscape of a sort that has disappeared from almost every other region on the planet. There are alternatives available that will allow you to process the gas with lower environmental impact. You could process the gas in the Pilbara, as Woodside has done for decades, or on offshore floating facilities, as you are proposing to do in the Timor Sea. Either way, you and your partners can access your gas without putting the Kimberley at risk. Woodside has claimed that it has indigenous support for the development, but
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  1. This is called being real as you can get and protecting something you stand for, mad respect, peace. Love you Johnny!

  2. johns amazing music is one thing to be in awe of but his work to save our planet and keep it beautiful is as inspiring. keep up the fight john. REVOLUTION

  3. my son is learning about the aboriganal people in school right now about thier culture and heritage.. thank god someone in australia gives a fuck about the culture and heritage,, people in australia seem lost right now, no culture or heritage of our own. i wish they would take them all up to broome and see what these cunts are doing to this land and how it is effecting the local people. GO FUCK YOURSELF WOODSIDE .. FAT CUNTS


  5. Congrats.
    Tks for the courage to stand up and say out loud what others are thinking silently

  6. I can sit here and say I would be as peaceful as possible. But the fire inside is so intense I could not promise anything. They have been destroying the people, planet, culture while suppressing the connection every man should have with each other to the point where we don’t even know who we are anymore. THEY HAVE DONE ENOUGH. IT’S TIME TO FIGHT BACK.

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