Coast to Coast AM – Jan 6 2013 – George’s 10th Anniversary Celebration C2CAM Coast to Coast AM – Jan 6 2013 – George’s 10th Anniversary Celebration C2CAM Date: 01-06-13 Host: George Noory Guests: Helaine Olen, Open Lines In this special program, George Noory and a cavalcade of guests celebrated George’s 10th anniversary at the helm of Coast to Coast AM, along with Open Lines callers. Well wishers in the first hour included Julie Talbott, the President of Premiere Networks, and Katherine Albrecht who read a poem she wrote for the occasion– “George, we know you’re too humble to boast, but you’re our favorite radio host. You’ve pickled our ears for 10 excellent years…” Ian Punnett popped in identifying himself as a “longtime listener, first time caller.” There were also greetings from Dr. Leonard Coldwell, Stanton Friedman (George’s 1st radio interview at age 21), Lee Speigel, Gerald Celente: “From coast to coast, millions of people rely on gentleman George Noory,” and David Blume. George shared some of his personal history and background, including his out-of-body experience at a young age that sparked his interest in the paranormal, his early days as a radio host in St. Louis, and his first Coast show filling in for Ian Punnett on April 28, 2001. When he was filling in for Art, who was plagued by back problems, George would sometimes get the call the late in the day, and first do his show in St. Louis, and then host Coast back-to-back. Christian Wilde told George that in honor of his anniversary, he had planted 100 palm
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I finally got to work on this tutorial video, and hopefully that can help you guitar freaks out there 😉 HINTS: If you don have a Baritone guitar, we are even cause I dont either! You can tune your regular guitar to BEADF#B(standard tuning for a baritone guitar) with at least 12-56 gauge strings, and if there’s too much buzzing, you may adjust the truss rod. It helps watching in full screen! Go step by step, when you get tired, take a break and come back fresh, I BET YOU CAN DO IT!!! ps: Next time I’ll make the quality of the video better than this. When I realized the video was exceeding the maximum MB allowed by u tube the video was already made, so I had to reduce the quality in order to make it fit.
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