Coast2Coast Highlights [2/4]

Get your own helmet camera Get your own helmet intercoms More of myself and a few friends riding the width of England through Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset and Devon via the ancient highway network. Someone asked about the church in the video. It’s here

22 thoughts on “Coast2Coast Highlights [2/4]

  1. sven you are soo cool,near enough watched all you biking vids love how your freind is always stacking it!

  2. I cataloged everything in the south pretty much. Search for bywaydatabase not a lot in Somerset ISTR, certainly enough that i left it until last…it’s not done yet….but plenty close by

  3. Where do you find your routes? Iv tried searching around but alot seem to want to keep them a secret. Im looking for ones in somerset area.


  4. awesome vids Sven,greetz from a rider from Cheshire,you should come over for a weekend,and do some miles with the Manchester 17 club m8!!,keep making these !!

  5. if the farmers here caught you scaring there live stock they would probably beat the shti out of you… they shot my dog

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