Finding Monster Spawner While Fighting Off Zombie Hoard, ft Connor! WAY ➚

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50 thoughts on “Finding Monster Spawner While Fighting Off Zombie Hoard, ft Connor! WAY ➚

  1. I want to start my own lets play but I don’t know how to start, or what things I need to have in order to do the video’s. If you have any suggestions just post on my channel. phillip1000000000

  2. you need to enchant your bow with the infinate enchantment. It gives you infanate shots with one arrow.

  3. Hey everyone,

    I am also doing a Hardcore playthrough of Minecraft. If you are interested, check out my channel, I am putting up about 2 videos per day :).


  4. If you attack enderman at their legs,they won’t teleport,using a pumpkin will or will not work!!!
    But I really suggest you use the leg attacking technique instead.

  5. Connor you can find enderman in abandoned mine shafts and if you wear the pumpkin they wont teleport away from you when your attacking. Also they spawn on sand the most.

  6. ya build a spawner 3 blocks high monkeyfarms design waterless pistonless spawner then it will be very easy

  7. use the force yung jedi you can find the enderman just use the force my yung jedi and they will come they shal and you will kill the ender dragon you will


  8. Connor at level 40 enchant a new diamond sword and there is a high chance to get looting, which will make mobs drop about 2 to 5 items so you get pearls quicker.

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