24 thoughts on “Giorgio Tsoukalos Interview @ Coast 2 Coast – Latest – PART 1

  1. Giorgio Tsoukalos is a charlatan and a simpleton, frankly. ALL his ridiculous ‘theories’ have been debunked by scientists and real archaeologists. In the meantime, all you suckers make him wealthier by the minute….

  2. Giorgio, dont worry about all the negative comments about you or your hair. Your a very Handsome and Intelligent guy. Your work speaks for itself.

  3. Check it out folks. I read an Erich von Daniken book about 15 years ago it prompted me to investigate more and to do my own research which led me to my own conclusions for which every person i indulged with my theories thought i was a complete wack job. Then i saw Giorgio on Ancient Aliens and every thing he said was so on point almost mirrored alot of my own conclusions that I literally jumped out of my seat proclaiming “see! I am NOT crazy. This guy is a frickin Genius!

  4. The skulls are the most flagrantly fake part of the entire ancient aliens series. Unbelievable that this guy has a TV show.

  5. Geirgio you have been lying to all of us… skulls are fake, and so are you… watch ancient aliens debunked and you will see i am right..

  6. How do you think the Band of Holes in Peru got there? Aerosols!!! Sorry Giorgio, I couldn’t help myself.

  7. He looks like the great grandson of Larry from the Three Stooges..Resemblance and hair is startling.

  8. Giorgio Tsoukalos…………Has a very distinctive voice…I used to believe this dude……….He is Dammmmmmmnn…. Liar, So hurt right now..

  9. That guy kinda ruins Ancient Aliens because he buys into EVERY far fetched idea. “It HAS to be aliens! It can’t be ANYTHING else!”

  10. Chariots of the gods not open my mind, it just confirm what i was always doubt as a possibility but 25 years ago if you try to have a simple talk with someone about it. they may looking you in a funny way.

  11. Giorgio you are awesome, if you ever visit Belgium to give a talk or something please let me know on my utube account. Your fan FortuneCookie.

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