Global Warming & FBI Secrets

Date: 08-06-12 Host: George Noory Guests: Dr. Roy Spencer, Ronald Kessler In the first half, former senior scientist for Climate Studies at NASA, Dr. Roy Spencer, reacted to claims of new evidence that recent warming and hotter weather is indeed the fault of humans. Both Berkeley climate scientist Richard Muller and James Hansen of NASA make the mistake of thinking that global warming is due to man-made activity, he commented. “Correlation doesn’t mean causation,” Spencer argued, noting that heat waves and drought are part of natural cycles, such as was experienced in the 1930s in the US, as well as going back further in time in North America. Climate scientists don’t know what causes natural cycles, so they seek to blame warming on something tangible, such as greenhouse gases, and doggedly pursue the man-made explanation, without considering other theories, Spencer continued. He suggested that changes in circulation patterns have altered the amount of cloud cover which reflects sunlight, “and I think that could be most of what we’ve been…attributing to mankind,” in terms of warming. —————————————- In the latter half, investigative reporter Ronald Kessler discussed his research into the FBI, and the Secret Service, and revealed behind-the-scenes stories, and secrets about how they operate. He portrayed the FBI’s long-running chief J. Edgar Hoover as both a patriot and a menace. “Near the end, he was getting more and more idiosyncratic,” and
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Date: 08-14-12 Host: George Noory Guests: Wynn Free, Brother Michael Dimond Author and researcher Wynn Free discussed his study of Edgar Cayce’s works, as well as his own channeled sources of information who claim to be the “Elohim.” Regarding Cayce’s unfulfilled prophecy of great devastation and flooding coming to America, he concluded that this was one of the few predictions of Cayce’s that came from a negative source, that sought to create fear rather than give out accurate information. In a past incarnation in 10500 BC, Cayce was called Ra-Ta, and was working with a group of graduated souls (called the Ra group) who used levitation to build the pyramids, Free detailed. “There are different timelines competing for control of this realm. One of those timelines has beings from other dimensions that were responsible for all those god-forms in Egypt,” Free said. What happened in ancient Egypt was that the priests took over the occult knowledge, and then began gravitating to negative sources from lower timelines, he continued. Joining the show for a segment, was Free’s current Elohim channeler, a woman named Terry, whom he believes is the reincarnation of the Catholic saint, St. Catherine of Sienna. He suggested that a person can discern or evaluate channeled information to determine if it comes from a higher or positive source– higher quality information empowers you rather than takes your power away, he explained. The Elohim, speaking through Terry, have provided details

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