GTA IV: BUSTED!x3/Group Stunts/Zombie Rush & Demo Derby [MP PC Event, June 30th ’12]

Video Schedule: (00:01) Group Stunt #1 (00:33) BUSTED! #1 CROOK: gussi111 (04:22) BUSTED! #2 CROOK: cam0matt (06:22) Demolition Derby #1 (09:48) Zombie Rush! Humans: Tmk35 & PoweRBull (12:14) BUSTED! #3 CROOK: UnfittedCube66 (14:59) Demolition Derby #2 (18:41) Group Stunt #2 This event was organized here: Want to join in? We do events for all platforms (PC, XBOX & PS3) – Check for future events, just register on that site and sign up for an event. New members will receive a verification code by email so they can activate their account, also their first 5 post will need approval. Q What is Zombie Rush? : A: Zombie Rush isNOT a game mode inside GTA (Its actually just TDM with 1-2 guys vs the rest, and differ clothes.) – Its Zombies vs Humans. – Humans can use Guns and all weapons. – Zombies can use Knives/melee, but no vehicles (in some cases only forklifts and faggios, based on how many zombies there are) – Neither team can use armor or health packs. – Humans have 1 life, Zombies have infinite. – Humans can’t camp, and can’t keep running and running away from zombies. (This rule is because, if humans just keep running and running the round will never end. Humans and zombies run the same speed so it will take forever, human should try and kill so many zombies as possible, but with a good survival time) – Humans win if they survive 10 minutes. (THE GOAL is also to have a good time of survival and a lot of kills, before he gets

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  1. i know not to be a dick but if you read his comment he said its ONLY A PC MOD but i said its not only pc, cuz i have ps3 and a truck had neon lights.

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