Half Life 2: Episode 4, Zombie Bait, and the Arma Devs Released on Bail – Hard News 01/15/13

The biggest video game stories of the day brought to you in three minutes or less. Accused Arma “spies” are released on bail from Greek prison – www.screwattack.com Valve confirms recent screenshots of Half-Life Episode 4 are legit – www.screwattack.com Dead Island: Riptide brining Zombie Bait to the UK – www.screwattack.com
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25 thoughts on “Half Life 2: Episode 4, Zombie Bait, and the Arma Devs Released on Bail – Hard News 01/15/13

  1. Who cares if it’s ignorable? That’s not the point! The point is that it’s a shameless attempt to gain more money and ad revenue by having people go to their site, but it never bloody works anyway! So really, nobody wins. It’s an annoyance, and it just screams “Attention whore!” (and considering that Stuttering Craig was in that horrible Sonic fan film, that pretty much tops it off and confirms that they are attention whores.)

  2. No, what’s hard to make are the actual news, maintain a YouTube channel, a website, and etc.
    And basically, it’s easy, if you see a “HEY, HARDNEWS IS ON SCREWATTACK! GO THERE!”, DON’T FUCKING CLICK ON IT, you have free will to not do it and ignore it. How much does it take you to ignore a video’s thumbnail? 2, maybe 5 seconds tops?

  3. lmao Arma3 was 95% finished when they were captured so nice excuse XD
    Also about Valve, I always say wtf Valve…
    Anyway who really awaits Half Life 3 there are good news, they finished the latest game engine so be ready for HL3 in about 2014.

  4. Even then, I think the joke itself is pretty lame. Especially when you bring up the fact that there are Level 3 Sentries, Dispensers, and Telaporters in TF2.

  5. Uuuuuh, what?
    You’re defending a shameless advertising video saying “HEY, HARDNEWS IS ON SCREWATTACK! GO THERE!” Do you really think that’s “hard” to make? I can make a video like that within 30 minutes at my own home. But I won’t because I don’t feel like wasting YouTube’s space and clutter everyone’s subscription boxes just to make a video that 99% of users won’t even watch because they’ll know by now that it’s basically spam.

  6. Oh, that copyright. Yes, they can’t upload WHATEVER they want, but whatever they want to upload is game news, so we’re ok.

  7. Don’t you know that Valve has a phobia of the number 3, so of they would skip it and go directly to 4. Many people are waiting for Portal 3, I figure we’ll get Portal 4 first.

  8. Episode 3 isn’t coming out because it’s HL3 at this point. They’re going to do away with the eposodic model.

  9. You act as if the videos never appear on YouTube. They have a few hours of a head-start on their site (which, their video, their site, deal with it), then it comes to YouTube. Be fucking patient, man.

  10. Okay, let’s do this quickly…*ahem* Thank heavens those devs are free again, LOL Valve and I highly doubt the Dead Island Riptide controversy happened because of the actual gamers that will play it.

  11. No, because fox news is just as useless as people who claim it’s impossible for aluminium to glow yellow even though *any* material will do that at the exact same temperatures.
    Just as useless as people who copy paste the audio track of the first hoax video and claim the noises are real.
    I don’t mind videos that don’t talk about the status quo, I mind videos in where people make logical fallacies or out right lie and claim themselves victor.

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