Halo Reach: Living Dead – on Count dHouen – Alpha Zombies – W/Commentary

See the full Halo Reach Living Dead Show Here: goo.gl Halo Reach: Living Dead▼ Halo Reach Living Dead – Strategy, weapons and hiding places for Halo Reach Living Dead on Count dHouen with some rather useful commentary for Halo Reach with Lewis. My Debut Album is OUT NOW! Download ‘Midnight Winter’ from iTunes and Bandcamp. Links are below. (Thats right, i have an album. Take a listen) iTunes: itunes.apple.com Bandcamp: www.lewisedridge.bandcamp.com *Extra Info My Album is Officially on iTunes for £3.49BP and .99USD Check it out! Follow me on Twitter at: www.twitter.com Lewis Plays Halo Daily! What do YOU want to see him play? If you have enjoyed this video please go subscribe and check out my other daily videos – Halo Reach [GAME PLAY] – www.youtube.com – Lets Play: Halo CEA – www.youtube.com – Lets Play: Skyrim – www.youtube.com – Lets Play: Battlefield 3 – www.youtube.com – Lets Play: Assassin’s Creed Revelations – www.youtube.com – Lets Play: Crysis 2 – www.youtube.com – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 [GAME PLAY] – Lets Play: Halo 4 (When Released) Rate, Comment and Subscribe! More Videos Uploaded Daily.

The story begins with the siblings Barbra and Johnny driving to rural Pennsylvania to visit their father’s grave. In the graveyard Johnny teases Barbra that “They’re coming to get you, Barbra” and then they are violently attacked by a strange man. Johnny tries to rescue his sister, but is killed after he falls and cracks his head on a gravestone. Barbra flees with the zombie in pursuit to a farmhouse where, to her horror, she discovers a woman’s mangled corpse. Running out of the house, she is caught between the house and strange menacing figures that are akin to the zombie in the graveyard.
Video Rating: 4 / 5