Is Your Car Or Truck EMP Proof 100%?

What if an electromagnetic pulse attack, do wish that to happen? Ugh! I don’t think so.

EMP image

Of course, you need to check your car or your truck for in case of worst scenario happens.

EMP attack

Lucky if your car… let’s say built before 1986. Less parts of your vehicle that has to be change out.


Older than 1974, much luckier you are because EMP wouldn’t bother at all.

You need a hand tools for every specific parts of car and readily available in your tool box. Let’s face it, older car needs a lot of maintenance.

If you happen to be an expert with regards to car parts, then you can visit the junk yard or may be  a wrecking yard and find some parts there.

Never under estimate your capability, face the EMP attack!

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