Jesse Ventura Defends The 2nd Amendment After Connecticut Tragedy

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25 thoughts on “Jesse Ventura Defends The 2nd Amendment After Connecticut Tragedy

  1. If they came into our homes like they did in other countries. I think only the bad guys get the guns if they take them away. The sell guns on the street like drugs so only the good guys won’t have guns. Other countries don’t come here to fight us because they also feel we all have guns.

  2. I love Alex and Jesse but i disagree with them on the gun issue, do they believe that American’s with their pistols and semi/automatic weapons willl be able to defend themselves from their own government? were talking about the most powerful military in the history of mankind

  3. Nobody is gonna get my guns without a fight. I might loose my life, but its worth it to die standing rather than to just surrender and live on my knees. Fuck this anti-gun/anti-freedom movement. The ignorant cowards are falling right where the globalists want them too. Buy guns and buy ammo, as much as possible. Trade your peice of shit car for a rifle, sell your flatscreen for life sustaining supplies. Anything other than buying into consumerism and socialism.

  4. @ilebxdr Yup this site is just giving out free Black Apple iPad 2’s for today only. You do have to be living in the U.S though but it’s all real, I claimed mine a few minutes ago. Better hurry up!

  5. The government can take your guns just as quickly and easily as they did during Katrina. The NRA filed a lawsuit and won, and still many of those people haven’t gotten their guns back. Moral of the story is that unless we stand up they will take the guns and there isn’t a thing you can do about it.

  6. I suggested a discreet in school safety system, with built in security that would have competent staff or guard to run it, using tazer technology, (I was saying stun gun originally, but I meant “TAZER”) with security cameras and communication monitors, and NO ONE COULD EVEN GIVE ME AN INTELLIGENT REASON WHY NOT!!!!, This would protect in a discreet way. the going trend seems to be kill or get killed, NO REASONING AT ALL!!! As for Youtube I have wasted enough time talking.

  7. People are the problem not guns. A gun does not hurt anyone until a person picks it up and points it at another person and pulls the trigger. Be informed Be free!!

  8. “You had never had more solid evidence, that Alex Jones is working for the bad guys” 5:25 /watch?v=k6kNGw9_Wrg

  9. I have a conceal permit but am not allowed to carry it on to school property, some malls,bars or churches.The same places where we have had a number of shootings in the last couple of years. What is this world coming to? Bad guys will always will get their weapons and the good guys get shot with no way of self defense…….What has the county coming to!!

  10. I know youve just finished pulling your tongue out of venturas ass…..maybe you 2 can become a government agent as well : p

  11. Screw you, Ventura is one of the greatest truth seekers this country has ever seen. Why don’t you try to stop being what you already are,an —hole.

  12. Normally, I’ve commented about Alex cutting people off and talking over them… but this was the first time I’ve seen Alex let the person speak and even stopped talking when they would talk… But Jesse kept cutting him off :- … Great interview otherwise.. I just hate watching people talk over people while they try to finish their thoughts. Great interview to both parties.

  13. Private property ?? LOL>LOL> hahahahaha the DEA / sheriffs office take millions of dollars in property everyday !!

  14. Jessie and Alex need to be on national television. They say things that strike a nerve and reflect what the american people think.

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