KONY 2012 SCAM – Talking To The Trendy Sheeple On The Street. Are They Awake? (InfoWars)

KONY 2012 SCAM – Talking To The Trendy Sheeple On The Street. Are They Awake? (InfoWars) tags: kony 2012 scam fraud propoganda news politics infowars alex jones trendy street interview arrest video youtube viral question invisible children wake up sheeple 829speedy the unseen forces obama military uganda cause money criminal africa agenda angelina jolie celebrity war ww3
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12 Year Old Girl Tells The SHEEPLE the Truth about ROTHSCHILD CORRUPT BANKERS and ECONOMY When Ron Paul stands up in front of a crowd and explains the fictional-reserve banking system’s unreality, some listen, many shrug and bury their heads. When ZeroHedge does the same, comments are heavy but change is slow to come. But when a 12-year-old girl, in a little over five minutes can explain the total farce that is our monetary system, surely people have to listen and break free of the matrix. Victoria Grant, 12, explains how “The banks and the government have colluded to financially enslave the people of Canada,” and as CTV notes, ‘Grant lays out a brief history of the Canadian banking system, referencing obscure historical figures such as former Vancouver mayor Gerald McGeer and explaining that the Bank of Canada held primary control over government lending until the 1970’s. Starting then, she says, governments began borrowing from private banks instead at considerably higher interest rates than those available through the central bank. The result, Grant argues, is a rapidly increasing national debt. The pint-sized pundit is quick to offer a solution. “If the Canadian Government needs money, they can borrow it directly from the Bank of Canada,” she says. ” … Canadians would again prosper with real money as the foundation of our economic structure.” The truth is out there – whether it comes from Alan Simpson, Ron Paul, ZeroHedge, or a 12-year-old Canadian young lady. tags
Video Rating: 4 / 5

47 thoughts on “KONY 2012 SCAM – Talking To The Trendy Sheeple On The Street. Are They Awake? (InfoWars)

  1. Don’t give up yet everyone these people are slowly getting closer and closer to the truth they just need a bit of a nudge in the right direction

  2. really? I only got to about two minutes.
    & I think that all the time, regardless of it being blatenly shoved in my face a little more sometimes…

  3. And you need to work on your grammar, dumbass. “No” should be followed by a comma to indicate a pause in speech. “Your” should be spelled “you’re” indicating the use of a contraction (signifying in this case, “you are”). “To” is spelled with two “o’s” when used in the aforementioned sentence indicating the meaning “very” or “extremely” instead of the root word “to” meaning “to be.” And “dumbass,” well I think you’ve shown YouTube who the dumbass here is.

  4. Trendy sheeple.lol.yup perfect ..2 words that describe most..they should sale shirts for these folks..that says “proud to be a sheep” “sheep rulez” or” im wit da sheeple”
    “sheeple rocks” “sheeple united” lol “sheeple united we stand..united we fall” hahaha

  5. I did not here anything about the Rothschilds or Ron Paul from anyone in this interview or her other lectures. I looked them up to see if she did and –no. She does not seem to be into those old conspiracy theories and she also advocates public banking I don’t think Ron Paul would be in favor of that.

  6. We all know the problem is a monetary system or should do after thousands of years of corruption and bloodshed for wealth and position, her dad needs to step it up a gear and teach her solutions, like a resource based economy maybe?

    Give her books like – The venus project – designing the future, and The best that money can’t buy beyond politics, poverty, and war.

    Step 1 is over for her, now shes ready to learn solutions, may when shes 15 she can give a talk on the solution subject.

  7. the 12 year old is right, unfortunately we cant even borrow money from the bank of Canada, The bank of Canada is a central bank owned by the Rothchilds. It is propaganda that it is owned by the people of canada. The people of canada don’t exist, since Canada is a corporation like walmart. it is an illusion.

  8. Why is he a dumb ass? Because the world will never give a grain of sand to save his life, existence, meaning,ego, or opinion. He is expendable even from the viewpoint of a large rock orbiting a  combustion of star matter.

  9. BTW, the Rothchilds have a lot to do with the influences of world economy today. So, stop being a fucking little bitch accusing everyne of antisemitism, giving Rothchilds a pass because they might be or happen to be jewish. What if they weren’t?? I smell the stench of Hypocrisy… That makes me puke.

  10. The foul stench is the guilt put out by people like you who have to bring up anti-semitism. It’s a trick and you know it. Everytime you mention, banking, federal reserve, globalism, or any financial words, people like you assume that those words have to do with other keywords like “zionist bankers”!!! and so forth. So, I guess that means you can’t call out economic corruption because many bankers happen to be jewish…who’s invincible? what if they were an “easier” race to attack. Or religion…

  11. Why don’t you shills give it up? The antisemitism card’s been played to the hilt. I want to puke every time one of you morons tries using it to silence your opposition. You can’t make it on your own using logic and facts, so you use intimidation by a privileged lobby to get your way.

    And, the Rothschilds aren’t Jewish, they’re Khazars, from Turkey, converts to Judaism, or, more precisely, Kabbalism, the religion of heretic Jews. Orthodox Jews want nothing to do with them, they’re heretics.

  12. What do the Rostschild has to do with this, apart from being Jewish of course ? Each time i read this name in connection with such documentaries, I can smell the foul stench of antisemitism from the guy who put that online and it makes me puke.

  13. Unfortunately, that’s basically a ctrl+c, ctrl+v from zeitgeist, and all she is advocating is the ultimate socialization of money as opposed to fascist money, both which are of long term detriment to upward mobility and expansion of the middle class. Essentially, her and her father are greenbackers, and that is the fast track to hyperinflation and the destruction of money itself. 🙁

    We need free market money, which people can freely choose to use, or not. Replacing fiat A with fiat B is silly

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