OFF THE GRID TOOLS – Your Beginners’ List for SHTF Preparation

To those new in prepping, you should consider things that might help you in the future. Tools that come in handy that you have already in your garage without you notice. Go to your garage and start to make your own OFF THE GRID tools’ list.

off the grid tools

These will be our starter kit guide for prepping. Check this out!

– This is one important  in OFF THE GRID during emergency situation.

Lighter Fluid
– If there’s a lighter, there should be a lighter fluid.

Cooking oil or gasoline or alcohol
– In making light these things are your substitute.

Drill or hand drill
– Cordless or manual drill either way.

– In a survival situation it could come in handy. if you need to cut down wood then this will be a big help and for carpentry, use the fat max hand saw. It comes in multiple sizes.

– for great hammering nails, I know you have not just one hammer probably more for different uses.

– for run in the middle ax and this much essential tool chop zombies’ head.

Trench axe
– it comes in dual uses for digging and scavenging or it can use as your self-defense from zombies

Craw bar
– if your break out some boards or whatever you’re trying to do.

– it can hold something in place when you want saw something, sanding or metal filing. You can come in extremely handy.

– for metal grinding or sharpening.

Hand cleaner
– if you’re hands covered with grease and grime, you’ll be needing this.

Standard oil lantern
– no electricity, lamp is a necessity.

Do you have any other stuff to be part of your list?

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