21 thoughts on “Project reality zombie event – main event. pt 1

  1. I will be sure to record that one as well.
    If i can scramble together enough money for an external hard drive i may try and record the whole thing.

  2. Does anybody know the sond getting played in at 5:20 ?
    Epic event guys, i can understand you getting paranoid as they can come from everywhere.

  3. Look. What you see above is a MODIFICATION Battlefield 2.

    Not Battlefield Free to Play, this one sucks.

    Get Battlefield 2 (10$) the DOWNLOAD Project Reality, a mod.

    See here : realitymod(dot)com

  4. what is regular bf2 0.97 ? im new to this u can prob tell , if i sed something stupid just then just tell me what 0. it is pls

  5. Well if they were fighting people with guns and explosives it would be retarded, but seeing as theyr fighting zombies, this is the clusterfuck formation id feel most safe with aswell.

    haha love the panic btw, zombie games and mods always bring out the panic in everyone.

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