Viewers discretion is strongly advised. What you are about to see may be very graphic. It shows a strange middle aged women with all the exact same symptoms of these new cannibalistic zombies currently all over the news. This was not staged, not set up or paid for in anyway, and this is definitely not a joke. This was an on the spot sighting and is 100% real, and 100% frightening.
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17 thoughts on “REAL ZOMBIE SIGHTING 2012!!!

  1. And that’s why they say”crack is wack.” Damn she is on some serious shit… fake as hell anyhow.

  2. I really wish I had the other clip attached to this one that showed her face much better. Regardless though this was definitely not a mental patient because they’re are no mental care facilties in that immediate area. But honestly if I could ask you a question, in these days if you were that close would you really take that chance to find out?

  3. Read the description. This is 100% real iPhone footage. We have exactly no clue who that person is, was, or could be.

  4. this video is only to spread awareness about these sick people. and publicly this type of random behavior does unsettle or scare most people. especially if they are walking very close to you on the sidewalk like that. i’m really just giving those sensitive people a fair warning.

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