Run For Your Lives – Zombie Apocalypse Film

Run For Your Lives is a zombie-infested 5k obstacle course race and festival. For more information on the event, as well as signing up for the event, go to Directed By Brian M. Chilcoat Produced By HGL Productions LLC Produced By Kevin Chilcoat & Brian M. Chilcoat Director Of Photography Nick Midwig Key Make Up Artist: Crystal Soveroski

10 Tips To Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse It’s just a matter of time before the undead rise up and take over the planet, here are 10 tips to surviving a zombie apocalypse. Music = Stuck In A Cage 2 by Bob Bradley Where else to find All Time 10s… Facebook: Twitter: Check out a selection of video’s highlighting some Alltime10’s favourite and interesting people.. @
Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 thoughts on “Run For Your Lives – Zombie Apocalypse Film

  1. In my opinion, the cameras are shaking too vigorously for some scenes. Yes, it adds to the effect of tension, but some of the scenes consist of unnecessary shaking.

    But other than that, this is a really great work of a film.

  2. It’s a marathon/obstacle course that works in society’s enjoyment of zombies. Besides, it’s been established that modern zombies can run. Get over yourself, you aren’t making yourself sound smart, just like a douche.

  3. Zombies can’t run, because they are degrading over time, and soon die out, just like humans when they die, it takes 4-6months to decompose.

  4. This is in Maryland I just got done with the course yesterday. If your thinking of doing this it’s not that bad you can walk for parts to catch your breath. It’s really fun

  5. I was thinking of doing this… but those zombies are too fast… F that, I am going to haunted house where I can walk around and take my time.. I’m out of breath just watching this guy run…lol

  6. come on, most of the people won’t be making a short run now that they’re alive, and i’m supposed to buy these non-stop-running-zombies? what, they are fitter dead?

  7. It has to be four people, one being a muscular man, another being an office worker/sailor, another being a paranoid woman that doesnt believe in whispering, and some random guy.

  8. I used my closet, room, bathroom, and my car as defense from the zombies, but every time I went in each room a zombie would spawn close to me…. Wanna know another good weapon that I used instead of a gun? A pan.

  9. LAst night I had a dream of a zombie apocalypse because of this freaking video… but I at least used all the tips he gave me so I can use in the dream. So it was kinda like a lucid dream and I survived, but it wasn’t very many zombies, probably like 30 over zombies.

  10. Would that make them human again or Chuck Norris? If there’s an army of Chuck Norris around it could be worse than the living dead. At least zombies can be stopped

  11. i ALSO CALCULATED IT and the video is right. Considering that i am a 98% average in math, i conferm that the video is correct

  12. There’s always the idea they tried in The Walking Dead. Kill a zombie & cover yourself in parts of it. Your smell will be masked by rotten flesh & as long as it doesn’t rain they might not notice

  13. Better than a board game would be a deck of cards, it is smaller and there are thousands of games you can play, even if your alone just to keep your brain busy.

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