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William Cooper – Archeology of Freemasonry

www.hourofthetime.com William Cooper Playlist: www.youtube.com conspiracyscope.blogspot.com Video Rating: 4 / 5 Most of you who have been following the ‘official’ government cover-up of 9/11 are well aware of Mr. Cooper’s contributions to the truth movement. Those of you less familiar with his work might want to dig a little deeper, Cooper not only warned of […]

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Coast To Coast AM – Nephilim & Archeology – 08-07-2012 – C2CAM

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE LATEST UPDATED VIDEO THAT CAME OUT TODAY www.youtube.com Subscribe To Get Notified Of The Latest Releases As They Come Out www.youtube.com Date: 08-07-12 Host: George Noory Guests: Aaron Judkins, Michael McDaniels, Terry Hunt Authors Aaron Judkins and Michael McDaniel talked about their new book, Alien Agenda, and how it relates […]

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