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Zombie Apocalypse: How to Survive?

If you want to survive the Zombie Apocalypse you are going to have to pay attention to this episode of The Factuary where Guy Branum provides the formulas an… Video Rating: 4 / 5 RT! http://bit.ly/16THBdx FB! http://on.fb.me/16THT4f Watch Episode 1! http://bit.ly/13vIBBh Watch Episode 2! http://bit.ly/10RHBT0 Naomi, Tim , Alexis, and …

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How to Survive a Zombie Attack

Just incase the living dead attack your home town. !ATTENTION PLEASE! I am aware that the information in this video is inaccurate, do you know why? Because zombies are not really real. It’s just for fun. Please relax. Also if you read below we did this for a school project so that is why there […]

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