22 thoughts on “The Cranberries – Zombie

  1. 2013 now…and still amazing! 🙂 hehehe 00:00 i’m listening again…and again, and again…

  2. Wake up? I’m sorry, but I can’t single out only the Jews for this ‘blaspheme’….. I agree with you on Exxon and/or Chevron being kind of a form of terrorism, but…. I can’t help but blame ALL the human race, regardless of religion. I DO appreciate some of what you say, really, but, I can’t agree 100%

  3. I keep thinking…. we, in the U.S…. know so little of true terrorism. I guess we haven’t lived with it like Ireland or maybe Israel has, but….. maybe we can learn and grow? Yeah, whatever… I know I’m just blowing smoke up my ass. -sighs-

  4. The British is the most twisted nation on the planet , with the usa of course. Motherfucking devil worshippers get the fuck out of Ireland fucking pieces of shit that you are all.

  5. Satan is amongst us my children said the lord verse twelve twenty six.
    My name is father lester. Let us pray together for the dead.
    Bitches better have your heads down!!!

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