22 thoughts on “The Cranberries – Zombie

  1. 2013 now…and still amazing! ­čÖé hehehe 00:00´╗┐ i’m listening again…and again, and again…

  2. Wake up? I’m sorry, but I can’t single out only the Jews for this ‘blaspheme’….. I agree with you on Exxon and/or Chevron being kind of a form of terrorism, but…. I can’t help but blame ALL the human race, regardless of religion. I DO appreciate´╗┐ some of what you say, really, but, I can’t agree 100%

  3. I keep thinking…. we, in the U.S…. know so little of true terrorism. I guess we haven’t lived with it like Ireland or maybe Israel has, but….. maybe we can learn and grow? Yeah, whatever… I know I’m´╗┐ just blowing smoke up my ass. -sighs-

  4. The British is the most twisted nation on the planet , with the usa of course. Motherfucking´╗┐ devil worshippers get the fuck out of Ireland fucking pieces of shit that you are all.

  5. Satan is amongst us my´╗┐ children said the lord verse twelve twenty six.
    My name is father lester. Let us pray together for the dead.
    Bitches better have your heads down!!!

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