The Microchip Agenda – LA Marzulli Coast 2 Coast 61908

Re-edit Researcher LAMarzulli on Coast to Coast am with George Noory, June 19,2008. Marzulli and host George Noory discuss how a recent string of events validates notions of a coming great deception, as foretold in ancient prophecies. The Book of Revelation writes about a one-world government and religion, as well as the mark of the beast. Marzulli suggested that a terrorist attack involving suitcase nukes might be used as a pretext for people to get microchipped for alleged security reasons. Audio: You can purchase LA Marzulli’s book, “Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural” Here:www.spiraloflife.comFAIR USE NOTICE: OFUMedia channel is making this material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. We believe this constitutes a “fair use” of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 USC Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.
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49 thoughts on “The Microchip Agenda – LA Marzulli Coast 2 Coast 61908

  1. im sorry but you are wrong. very wrong. the Mahdi is not the anti christ, he will fight the forces of the anti christ, and Jesus(peace be upon him) will return to the earth and lead the Muslims to fight against the anti-christ, and Jesus(peace be upon him) will defeat him. we call the anti-christ the ‘dajjal’ (one eyed liar). we Muslims are pro-christ. we believe in Jesus the son of Mary (may GOD ALMIGHTY be pleased with them). it is an article of Islamis faith to believe in Jesus.

  2. u ugys believe in the Anti-Christ but what u dont know is that your Anti-Christ or “Mahdi” that u are waiting for and that wants to take over is the real Anti-Christ of the Bible

  3. the mark of the beast is out there and they are already chipping people they already have it..
    and do not take the chip!

  4. U think Satan going to put a chip in ya forehead Or hand, so everyone knows who he is? U think he’s that stupid, Rd, Ezk. Chpt.28 to see how stupid he is! What’s in ya forehead, ya brain, what’s in ya hand, the ability to work for him. He’s coming to Earth to deceive U and get U to worshio him. That’s what he’s after. Ya don’t do that by killing people, the 1/3 part of men slain in Rev., it is “Soul Murder”, not physical! No wonder the whole world will follow him, most are deceived already.

  5. Heard of mind control? Jesse Ventura did a show about the Manchurian candidates and they had chips inside them controlling them and they didn’t even know it, they had no memory of their past or who they were…totally controlled by a chip

  6. Hitler thought those to be the perfect race of people…they are racists and think all others are worthless. They always had a plan to make this perfect race. someone mentioned killing them as terrorists, I thought it was the other way around…depends whoes doing the killing I suppose

  7. Bible says the beast will FORCE ALL to take the mark…that’s why he is saying that, it will happen that way and anyone who takes it will be lost because it has something to do with worshiping the beast also. And once u have it is is too late. If even the very elect are scarcely saved then where is there room for not saved people? People need to be spreading the word now to be ready for that day, its almost here

  8. No one’s afraid because we know+trust our God+yes they will be able to turn any part off,if not all of it,thats the idea,with the quantum nano dot,whiich they could well combine with the verichip,nano’s are known to travel around the body+do cling to cells,so even if turned off,the person still has THE MARK,you can’t just cut that out,just be prepped.

  9. LOL.What are you people afraid of?The government will never be able to force you to get an RFID tag.Even if they did, you must realize that you could VERY easily shut down this simple piece of circuitry and render it useless I’m not saying there isn’t some kind of Elite Group conspiracy in existence.But you people must take responsibility for understanding how things actually work before you begin babbling about Bible prophecies You are listening to what other people are telling you, like sheep

  10. Been saying this for around 20 years,official`s call the chip”the mark”&the computer on board the satilite that picks up these chips”the beast,Alien,space critters agenda,Daniel 11 he (vile person/anitchrist) will worship a strange god his fathers knew not,these will be here first I think.I have lost folk I love, trying to tell of these things.

  11. as long they give you tax cuts, everybody will get the mark and sell their mothers, brothers and dogs, wellcome to USA, lol, and these guys will be the first in get microchipped

  12. as long they give you tax cuts, everybody will get the mark and sell their mothers, brothers and dogs, wellcome to USA, lol

  13. as long they give you tax cuts, everybody will get the mark and sell their mothers, brothers and dogs, wellcome to USA

  14. Consider the fact that the Roman Empire was a power that sought to dominate the world. The prophecies were written 2000 years ago…
    So look at it this way, your a king. Your building an empire, that you hope will become global. Someone prophesizes the future… and they write it, then… as a KING, they lead society toward that prophecy… as do their heirs. Maybe Rome fell, but the Royals of Europe are of Roman Descent…. and many US presidents have been their relatives…

  15. Dude your a nut if you were a conspiracy theorist youd get your facts right! The area 51 worker on coast to coast was a joke he rang back and said so himself.If i can offer some thing up? Dont take things at face value look into these so called facts dont just be a chump!

  16. this is what athiestausie said about your theory remember hes athiest The Bible contains a lot of horrendous content (Gen 19:32-38, Lot’s incestuous liaisons with his daughters, psalm 137:9 that condones killing children), however as I don’t believe in any supernatural beings (Jesus/Zues/Thor/Satan etc), the mark of the ‘beast’ isn’t really how I would describe the Bible. I consider the Bible to be a book of historical importance – about its only virtue IMHO, but not satanic.

  17. wow it cant qualify for the mark end of story thats it its not possible its not required to buy and sell i go to meijer they dont ask for my bible it does not fit the criteria you fail get over it stop going off topic i win you loose

  18. Acts 8 Simon the sorcerer offered the Apostles money. WHAT was he trying to buy?
    The morning & the evening of the first day. Was this a 24hr period?
     John was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day. HOW did he get in the Spirit?
    Acts 10:10 Peter fell into a trance & saw heaven open. HOW did he get into a trance?
    Acts 22:17 Paul fell into a trance and saw Jesus. HOW did he do that?
    You are so intelligent with your book, surely you can answer these simple questions.

  19. oh and this comment is the same comment about opening a donut shop wit that sign the bible is the mark of the best you just changed your words and context that comment was just rambeling and had no point

  20. still what does beef have to do with the bible you completely missed my point. the bible is not required to buy sell or trade anything anywhere you are blind to things you only see what you want to see the bible is not the mark

  21. Invisible laws. You don’t know the country that you live in and what controls it. Satan is transformed into an angel of light. Go to Iran or Saudi Arabia and sell pork chops or go to India in Hindu country and sell beef. You really don’t know yourself. Check every leader in the USA that has ever been great and find out what religion they were of. They have all committed fornication with the old harlot. Like last years bird nest, your head is empty. The bible is the mark of the beast.

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