The Sheeple of North America This video is remix of Payday Monsanto, Sheeple Of Amerika . Most of the pictures where done by dees illustration cartoonist. The video speaks for it self, I will let you be judge! thanks
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Futile attempt to convince the general public that the economy is on the brink of collapse.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Here’s my view:
    We need a new system, like Communism but different worldwide. It seems you say ‘Illuminati!!!one!!’ when the truth is it is capitalism and capitalist bankers calling the shots. I woke up when the people could not.

  2. hobama is a peace prized global warlord bankster drone fanatic.

    shame on the evil blind fooled fleeced hobama nazi sheeple!!!!!!!–%E2%80%9Cforward%E2%80%9D-with-the-fleecing-of-america/

  3. Because they can give less than a single fuck about solutions and want to make hammy little hipster rap songs such as this to boost their superiority complex’s and delusion that they are privy to secret knowledge.

    If they didn’t have conspiracy tabloids to dwell on there is the petrifying thought that they might have to stop mooching off their parents finances because they’re too edgy to find a job and actually do something productive for once in their lives.

  4. Don’t know who to vote for? are they too similar?, too sketchy?, don’t care?, just want to protest?, never vote, just because? hate the government and their constant bs?. Everyone who has any of these thoughts go vote and write your own name as nomination for president I know it’s short notice but maybe we can make some kind of waves and actually let them know that we think together as a united public we can definitely do a better job, and we don’t need mommy and daddy to hold our hand anymore.

  5. Instead of creating inflamatory videos, why not become politicians and create positive change, bankers or scientists and discover solutions, build better/safer GMOs. All this complaining is only going to create terrorists (religion is another story!). Everything is done for a reason and the reasons are not perfect. Get an education, understand the problem and solve it, solutions will not remain solutions, population growth renders them obselete and requires improving technology to maintain!

  6. 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory
    Why The Military Knows Israel Did 9/11
    War By Deception (9/11, Iraq, PNAC , All Roads Lead To Israel)
    9/11 – Missing Links ( full movie )

  7. Diseases come and go. As well do vaccines. In some cases diseases are good, because they lower the population of the 6 1/2 billion people. Next disease that comes, they will have the vaccine ready to go for ya! Make sure you’re first in line!

  8. Anyone who considers themselves “awake” was once “asleep”, including yourself. No one is born with knowledge that you yourself had to learn. You were sheep. Now you consider yourself not to be a sheep based on learning key information OTHERS graciously shared with you either directly or indirectly. Just because you learned better before your neighbor did, does not mean you are special. Others are awakening right this moment.

  9. yeah..and some space aliens and lizard ppl who run the world.. . Let’s see, love vaccine adjutants? beLIEve 911 was executed by 19 muslims with boxcutter, hitler killed 6M “joos” and you love GMO’s know to cause cancer in labrats. Well.. seems you may be a lab rat after all, nozzle-neck.

  10. ‘s hard to fathom people going against the hyppocratic oath willfully and giving people poisons but the goal is sheeple. Did you notice the 4,500 ppl suing gov’t after their kids got autism after a vaccination was given them and last yr. they decided against those families even though theirchildren had comparably normal cognitive function b/4 shot but impaired function only after vacc. was given they just wouldn’t admit they couldn have become that way say from other cause or other ill no fault

  11. I’m reading all these posts and I want to say that I’ve watched some TED conference videos with Bill Gates saying that the world was to populated and they needed to invent a vaccine for it. Now for Bible followers it says to Beware the wolf in Sheeps clothing and my friend said that means Dr.’s and it’s been admitted publicly The Tuskeegee experiment and they also did it in Guatemala city right after that but added to the dose tuburculosis and infected innocent people to just study it. I know it

  12. they wont let ron paul win and they keep saying it. The only way to win this is we the people have to act.

  13. People like you are incredibly dangerous to patients and consumers alike, because you really believe you know what you’re talking about when it comes to substances. I myself, would much rather eat corn that hasn’t been stirred around in a beaker and had synthetic chemicals added to it. Call me crazy.

  14. Mhm. You remind me of of high horse psychiatrists that write people synthetic death everyday and believe they’re helping the patient. Nothing synthetic will trump the natural. Ever.

  15. as a medical researcher I do plenty of my own research. The unbiased scientific study kind, not the watching sensationalist conspiracy theory documentaries kind. I suggest you do the same, or if you do not have access to scientific journals I do reccomend TED talks on the subject. One of my fav quotes from a talk on GMOs: “Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even your own opinion about progress. But you are not entitled to your own facts”

  16. Warn* others but we also need to get out and live. He should have went to the party. And the ” I’m going to go back to my desk and listen to Justin Berber.” really???

  17. Haha he would be fired, then arrested for about two or three different charges, THEN he would have to take a quack anger management class which would cost about 3000$
    But yet, being an annoying dumbass and harassing and or otherwise irritating people into commiting violence against you isn’t a crime…. what a suprise…. : /

  18. It won’t be a collapse worldwide. Furthermore, barter only transactions will only last for a short while before local economies start to stabilize. When this occurs you will need some form of money to transact with. Gold and Silver have been money for thousands of years.

  19. For what purpose would you like to live? Are you afraid to die? Why not stand up now? Shout about what is going on and promote peace, compassion and love, without fear of what people may think of you. Why not work towards a better future instead of preparing for a future that doesn’t have to come? The universe is waves of infinate possibilities and your reality is only how you perceive it. 

  20. She has all the currency and bartering goods she needs. HQ Poon-tang, if it’s young and right it’ll fetch a good price.

  21. Wish i had someone around me was like this.. I feel like im the only one in my town that is aware.. If anybody is like this and wants a roomate, send me a comment…

  22. that is natural currency, man made currency like in the monetary systems will be worthless.. many countries have started using natural metals as the original natural monetary system

  23. ah, you’re so right! No one has any guns, nor are they preparing…all is indeed well. Nothing to worry about. If something ever did happen, all the preppers would share their stockpile with you…in fact, everyone you ask will give you all you desire. So, in essence you have nothing to worry about…ignore the thousands of articles and experts who are predicting a collapse and urging you to prepare because it will be everyone for themselves…just have enough food for today !

  24. The goverment knows about the impending economic collapse……they are ready for the chaos and that is why they are building FEMA camps all around the United States.

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