William Cooper – Amazing Lansing, Michigan Lecture Rare

William Cooper gives a thought provoking lecture on the Illuminati, Freemasonry, freedom and the origins of mankind and Knowledge according to the Mystery Schools. See also New World Order. Become DANGEROUS… speak the TRUTH and inform your friends & family!!! Rest in Peace Bill… William Milton Cooper (May 6, 1943 – November 5, 2001) www.hourofthetime.com
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24 thoughts on “William Cooper – Amazing Lansing, Michigan Lecture Rare

  1. At this time Socialist wasnt such a buzz word. Illusory to think if he is against socialism that hes a republican. Democrat Republican- left right- conservative liberal- capitalist socialist- this concept is the disinformation, its a false dichotomy.

  2. I couldnt get my comment to post below trying to reply to theJust Truth, ….If he/she is saying that the part where Bill says “Jesus Christ has never lied to ANYBODY, why wont you listen to him!” is missing, it is not missing. Bill says this at 48:48. Even if it WERE missing, after listening to this entire thing, you will see, it wouldnt make that much of a difference. And you tube, while it has faults just like anything, is waking up enormous amounts of ‘sheeple’, BE CREATIVE – SPREAD TRUTH !

  3. you should check out Max Igan. I think you’d like him & he is NOT disinfo. He only speaks the truth, & he is definitely connected to the greater consciousness. his website is TheCrowHouse his YT name is Aodscarecrow, & he has 6 documentaries, here are three, 1) The calling 2)The Awakening 3) Trance Formation,which is about the trans humanist agenda & chemtrails. Ive been listening to max’s podcast for a couple years, -never contradicts, & he’s sharp as a whip & universally wise

  4. i understood what you said. i think starclawfireblade is trying to trap you. why don’t you find something useful to do starclawfireblade? you have the internet at your fingertips & could have looked that up a million times while your waiting for him to respond, rather ask yourself, what is your agenda here? You’re THAT OBVIOUS. GO TEACH YOURSELF SOMETHING.

  5. Then by that logic, How do you intend on finding out what True knowledge is; when science and “fact” are generated by all us in the masses and can easily be inserted by others through the media including internet. Humans once believed it to be TRUE the world was flat, humans once believed it to be TRUE that we were the center of the universe. Any of us can come to assumptions even when the problem is under careful scrutiny, so what stops us now? I want to hear your strategy for finding it.

  6. I think you have it backwards…he is saying YOU work for the thought police by being a front behind which is a subersive policing of freedom to think…you know, a shill.

  7. Totally agree with you on that he was always so on point with the conspiracy and what these ppl do/did but he kinda muffed up the metaphysics relating to it. He was brave enough to admit when he was wrong and brave enough to put his information out there and risk his life for ppl who have awakened.

  8. I agree with Bill but the mystery schools were corrupted by the masons. There are many forms of mystery schools only these later ones are luciferian and wicked. The mystery schools were once a good thing, not to take away from this great mans information.

  9. Bill was one of two men I will ever believe with all this stuff! He knew so much and got assasinated for it. Same with Phil Schneider too I believed him (Look him up)

  10. I was going to make a comment but, yours encapsulates everything I wanted to say. You are correct and well stated.

    Communists are against religion (Christianity),and they seek to destroy religion;yet, when we look deeper into the nature of Communism,we see that it is essential nothing else than a religion Judaism
    A Program for the Jews and Humanity,Rabbi Harry Waton, p.138
    We have exterminated the property owners in Russia.We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America
    The Jew,December 1925,Zinobit
    Here is the jewish plan for America,read this scrib book for free

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