William Cooper lecture ‘Behold a pale horse’ (full)

Amazing lecture by William Cooper A detailed research into government corruption, secret societies, conspiracies, and the UFO phenomenon. book: ‘Behold a pale horse’

Milton William Cooper (May 6, 1943 – November 5, 2001) was an American writer, shortwave broadcaster. Cooper came to public awareness in the late 1980s. The son of a US Air Force officer, Cooper graduated in 1961 from Yamato High School in Japan, and enlisted in the US Air force. He was honorably discharged in 1965, and enlisted in the US Navy in December of that year. He served in Vietnam, rising to the rank of petty officer. Cooper was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal with combat V and the Navy Achievement Medal with combat V. He was honorably discharged in 1974…….. He hosted a short-wave radio programme called The Hour of the Time (WBCQ worldwide short-wave 7.415 MHz (0300 to 0400 UTC) Monday through Thursday nights) A Clinton White House memo labelled him “the most dangerous radio host in America”…….. MILTON WILLIAM COOPER 1943-2001 Rest in Peace our friend. You were a true patriot. Bills’ Murder – Robert Houghton Interviews Doyel Shamley about the events surrounding November 5th and 6th, 2001 www.hourofthetime.com obdoyelbillmurderpartone.html
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  1. “So with that reasoning does that mean that every book not in schools are true? Obviously not, right?” I have a copy of a school textbook right here, its mostly all bullshit. I mean it has the right dates and events but all the wrong reasons. It doesn’t mention shadow governments, international bankers, the truth about the FED and IRS. It is obviously wrong when you’ve done a lot of research. Where is real history stored? The internet is a great archive of real history.

  2. Im not saying that he is lying, I just begin to have problems with any “truther” story when money becomes involved… If someone really thought this info was so important I would assume they wouldnt be charging folks to hear or read about it… Thats all.

  3. So with that reasoning does that mean that every book not in schools are true? Obviously not, right? So where is this so-called “real”history stored? Are you the only one able to see it? I only write these rhetorical questions to make a point.. Where does this ultimate truth come from? A BOOK OF REAL TRUTHS? I agree with you about school books, I just also know there is another side to that coin..

  4. Real history doesn’t lie, you don’t understand. If you are reading a history book in school, then it is full of crap.

  5. Duh I understand. The history taught in schools is bullshit. Real history can be studied online. For instance we are taught in schools that the war of 1812 was all over tea but this was not the case.

  6. This man is a hero to many, including myself. Believe him or not, he had the conviction to tell the truth as he knew it. He was murdered by “the authorities” in his own home. You will find that whenever anyone ever tries to step out of the status quo and tell the truth as they know it, they are immediately killed by, ‘the authorities.’ From Jesus to Martin Luther King to John F. Kennedy to Malcolm X to Ghandi to M.K. Jessup and Bill Cooper. Interesting, isn’t it? “Coincidence”?? NOT.

  7. ABSOLUTELY. History CAN and DOES lie. From the mass murder of native Americans, to the assassination of two American presidents, to “UFOs don’t exist,” to “Weapons of mass destruction,” the US government lies anytime it suits them. And who is to contradict or deny them??

  8. You’re a fuking idiot! The cunt just spent OVER 4 and1/2 hrs.listening to what Cooper was talking about then proceeds to waste his time asking long winded questions 2 seconds AFTER Bill said “keep it short” to another long winded air bag. Maybe the goof should just buy the book that was being offered for sale and let others have a chance at asking a quick question.

    Fall back, son!

  9. History? You do understand that history as everyone knows it is full of lies and fabrication.. True history doesn’t lie but the population isn’t taught true history.

  10. The one thing I truly believe in is the idea that anything is possible. And in my opinion that is why many many people feel the need to have faith in a religion, because they are scared to confront the idea that anything is possible. They’re scared to think of the idea that life may have a different meaning besides religion & maybe scared of finding out where our human species history really begins & ends. They’re taught from an early age to fear ideas such as these & to only think one way.

  11. <..contd  And even after one does hear & read about every possible cause & effect they are researching,regardless of the topic, it then becomes pure opinion and ego based thinking according to what a person chooses to fit to thier standards and belief system.. When one starts to believe in something as a truth without evidence to confirm such beliefs,they are simply closing the door on any other possibilities. And no matter how improbable & crazy the other ideas may seem,they are still possible.

  12. Do u understand that in you being part of the truth movement,which I am as well,that your words in this statement are misleading to a layman. History & facts DO LIE!! The closest truth anyone will ever come to really “knowing” would be the truth of themselves. Anything beyond your own being is pure speculation & opinion, unless you were involved in every single thing you hear & read. Listening to all angles & sides of any story that doesnt include you is as close to the truth as one may come..

  13. Poor guy. Would’ve thought the same powers that killed JFK and others would take his life too. DAMN THEM ALL!

  14. He got killed for opposing and exposing the highest order on this planet, the Illuminati. Michael Jackson died the same way. Cooper exposed the shills like Jones, he exposed 9/11 even before it happened, he exposed the evil people at the top and the way in which they control us. They couldn’t let a man like him live, damn shame and I hope they all burn in hell!

  15. History and facts don’t lie. Too much stuff to list in a comment here, I suggest you do the research independently. Heck a really good start would be my very own playlist. Its a gold mine if you are interested on REAL history.

  16. “Ignorance is bliss” but knowledge is power. And power is great to have, its puts you in control of your life. Every single word this man has lectured on is 100% fact. Even historians don’t disagree about the deeds of rich and powerful people like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. The truth about the FED and IRS is well documented and all very real. You and I maybe awake but the world at large is fast asleep.

  17. Mr. Cooper wasn’t correct about Thatcher. She most certainly was working towards world gov.
    One of the first tactics of world gov is installing “free trade”. This is why Tscar Nicholas of Russia refused to participate in “free trade” — and it got him killed.
    Thatcher so supported “free trade” she stated she wanted everything except homes and restaurants sold off in “free trade”. She is who convinced Reagan to go along.
    World government isn’t a new concept.

  18. 46:22 Someone should have shot that idiot sharing his life story. I would have waited in the parking lot and boot fuked him!

  19. You have to realize we choose our LEADERS each couple of years.
    We are employing people to lead us.

    It’s simple and ridiculous.

  20. judging is foolish.If god didn’t tell you ,you know nothing.he was sharing truths with you.He acted because he was fearful for his life.Keep doing by your father while i’ll do by mine.

  21. When your murdered your just unrightfully dead. Isn’t that the truth? And go blow the gov or offer your used sphincter so many more times..

  22. No, not at all actually. I looked into it. Suck Bill Cooper’s dick much? He started a fucking gunfight. When you pull a gun on a cop you’re going to die. It’s not that complicated. He also made stupid claims about aliens and shit and TOP SECRET documents that he supposedly found sitting on a desk somewhere.

  23. Ya gotta remember though; These sociopaths are always dying to kill someone and get away with it constantly. Who really questions the cops when they murder? They just keep their jobs and go about their business as usual, thats how BAD things have become. This is why I believe the cops have become “militarized”, in order to do the dirty work of the NWO. Its easier than a whole big plan when it comes to eliminating the adverage “Joe” and nobody questions it.

  24. Yes… well that’s what makes my wonder about Bill Cooper’s demise…given the fact (as you’ve pointed out) that these people can kill anyone… you’d think… it would have been much easier and more thorough had they used a lone assassin, rather than involve a whole squad of cops… less people to talk and connect the dots.

  25. Thats possible. I’m kinda amazed that Ventura became a Governer though, when you watch him debate someone, he seems a little stupid. He really needs to organize his thoughts better before he speaks, I’ve seen people really make him look stupid, which hurts us all. These people really can kill anyone and nobody seems to care, 9-11 twice, Oaklahoma, Waco, Ruby Ridge ect ect….

  26. Just consider this… Jessie Ventura has learned by what happened to Cooper and the like… and ‘deliberately’ puts that circus spin into what he reveals. Could it be, that he knows and has developed a clever way in which to let the truth seep through, whilst ‘appearing’ to be a showbiz hype job? I’m certain he doesn’t wish to end up like Bill Cooper.

  27. The real reason was he was going to abolish The Fed, if he did that it would’ve shut off these bastards money machine. Remember, The United States Tax Payer funded everything these evil bastards have done. If their money was cut-off back in the early 60’s, things would NO WAY be as bad as it is today.

  28. I agree, I don’t think Ventura understands that his show takes credibility away from the topics by giving them a circus appeal. I also believe Ventura is a patriot and loves America, but he’s doing things the wrong way and it’s degrading the truth.

  29. I believe everything that william cooper talked about but this bullshit jessie ventura is pulling on his show conspiracy theory is ridiculous

  30. Do I think that President Kennedy was assassinated solely because he was asking questions about UFOs? Yes, I do. Google “The Phil Schneider Story”

  31. He shot at a cop. Their is no conspiracy behind it. They provoked him and he shot first. When you shoot at cops they will kill you. Nothing deep about it. So wake up sheep. Not everything is a conspiracy.

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