ZOMBIE ATTACK in Miami man eats face like cannibal even after multiple shots fired. Apocalypse 2012

Man eating the face off another man is told by police to stop. When he does not stop they shoot him multiple times and he still continues to move without being phases. Even after being tased the man is still moving and eventually brought down By Miami PD. The victim is in the hospital for recovery. Man Gets Face Eaten Off By Zombie Like Cannibal On LSD, Bath Salts, PCP, Mental Illness. You decide www.youtube.com newyork.cbslocal.com Russia Develops ‘Zombie’ Gun To Attack Central Nervous System www.liveleak.com Rudy Eugene, Fla. “face-chewing” naked man, may have been high on bath salts, cop union president says www.cbsnews.com photo of eaten face www.facebook.com Police Investigate After Naked Man Shot With Stun Gun Dies www.nbcmiami.com
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25 thoughts on “ZOMBIE ATTACK in Miami man eats face like cannibal even after multiple shots fired. Apocalypse 2012

  1. The Mayans Did Not Predict That The World Was Going To End. They Just Died Before They Could Finish The Calender.

  2. it wasn’t drugs he was being tested by scientists in the military for a biological chemical weapon.

  3. dude its bath slats if you ever did reascher bath salts you did not feal pain and you are iume to death like you can take 6 bullets in you intell it wares off then you are back to normal

  4. What if they are lying about it being a drug….omg what if there really is zombies and the government is hiding it… :OOOOO….sweet baby jesus o.o

  5.  Florida is Officially the scariest state cannibalistic zombies, Crazy trigger happy psychos itching to gun down anyone…!

  6. is this true? I bet the guy eaten should have died since his brain was eaten as the man describes the face of the guy eaten and as what I saw in the picture..

  7. Could this be the beginning of a new plague? Something along the line of the Black plague front Europe but sharing effects of viruses that stripe your mind from any reasoning and forces you to rely on primitive instincts of hunger?

  8. I was tellin a guy not to go to Miami and if you do you will see a zombie saying hey can I have a bite of your cheek

  9. i dont believe it was any kind of illicite street drugs honestly i think its possibly a mix of things even the air polution could have a jhidden danger in it itself

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